Me overwhelmed by the overflowing amount of wines in Georgia. And there’s so much more inside!

A young man trying to overcome social anxiety through traveling.

Who would have thought that I could be a psych nurse in one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in Asia? I worked in National Center For Mental Health for almost 4 years, caught up in a world where reality is elusive that even I almost ended up questioning the truth. I had to leave my job to work in the middle east for the same line of duty.

Nature fascinates me. Memorials awe me. Cosmopolitans excite me. I always go with my music on. It’s like my fugue, my escape to this rather harsh world.

I don’t blog to brag or boast. I do it for my own share of happiness. I am a person of inner circles and writing has been circling around me for quite a while.

Thank you for visiting my site and making time to read my thoughts.